The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Nappy

When it comes to choosing the right nappy for your newborn, you will be faced with an overwhelming amount of different choices, different brands to choose from, and differing opinions. Furthermore, if you ask three different people what their preference is, you will most probably get three different answers.

Don’t worry though, by the end of this post, you’ll consider yourself a “Nappyologist”. You can totally take all the credit for advising all your friends, we mean it.

In the first few weeks of baby’s time in the world, you as the lucky parent will be changing between 8 – 12 nappies per day(Seriously). It’s only fitting that you choose the correct nappy when performing this all-important task.



Consider these things when choosing the correct diaper for your baby:


1. The weight of your baby💩

Do you have a little Michelin man or a Petite Princess? Weight is an important factor here, especially if you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible. Remember, babies and adults are very different when discussing weight, so be as honest as possible when choosing the correct diaper. Some newborn diapers, such as the Huggies My First Nappy,  have a special cut out for the umbilical cord which is perfect for baby’s first week or two.The size chart below from Pampers below gives an accurate breakdown of the right nappy sizes to choose based on your babies weight.

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2. The gender of your baby💩

If you know the gender of your baby (which you should), the Huggies Gold range of diapers are great once they grow a little bigger. The Huggies Gold range has tailored absorption zones (for boys the zone is higher up, which makes target practice a breeze) and makes sure that the fit is tailored to the gender of your baby. And yes, they come in pink and blue. Pretty cool eh?

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3. Disposable vs Non-Disposable Nappies💩

Ah. The great debate. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Disposable nappies

Disposable nappies are the most commonly used type of nappies, as they are easy to use and dispose of (hence the name “disposable”). The disposable nappies come in different sizes and qualities, and budget plays a big role in deciding on which type of Disposable nappy to buy. Considering you will b changing between 8 to 12 nappies per day in the first few weeks, disposable nappies might be a better option for ease of use and convenience. PRO Tip: Disposable nappies are so easy, even dad can change them (this is the part where you tag your partner and make him feel guilty.)

Reusable nappies 

If you care about the environment and don’t say “Ewww” when people mention the word vegan, then reusable nappies might be just the thing for you. Reusable nappies are less harsh on the environment and have been proven to be gentler on sensitive skin, hence reducing nappy rash and its associated symptoms. Reusable nappies are sold usually in bulk packs which are bought once off, and come with liners that can be washed (usually by hand or even a washing machine) and inserted back into the nappy. One of the coolest things about reusable nappies are the designs and patterns, as opposed to its disposable counterparts. Reusable nappies save a lot of money in the long run, in fact, you can save up to 80%  of the normal cost of using disposable nappies. So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, sell that Jeep, buy a pack of Bambino Mio nappies here, and eat a Kale salad for lunch. Eezy Peezy.



4. Your budget💩

There are two types of parents.
1. Those who don’t sleep enough
2. Those who don’t get enough sleep

Why should the cost of nappies keep you up at night, especially when you need sleep the most? Nappies come in a range of different qualities and price ranges, as well as different sizing options. Make sure you choose the quantity and quality that you can afford, and also what agrees with your baby’s precious little bottom. As a general rule of thumb, a Mega Pack (available in both Huggies & Pampers) usually lasts from one payday to the next. Choose wisely, young Jedi.

A lot of nappies come with protective balm to protect sensitive skin, and some nappies even come with a wetness indicator, which is a thin strip of material that changes colour when it detects wetness. Choose wisely, young Jedi.

PRO TIP: Use cornstarch powder to reduce the effects of nappy rash.



5. Your baby💩

Life happens. You could stock up on something that your sisters friends mother in law told you to get, only to find out that your baby’s bum hates it. Reality is that you should always test out different nappies until you find one that suits your budget, and more importantly, that precious bum. At Nappyplum, we consider ourselves the nappy experts. You can shop our wide range of nappies and everything else for baby, all in one place at great prices.

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